Ternio was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: to provide hospitals with a 360-degree approach to surgical management. Underlying this mission are deeply ingrained core values of service and innovation. It began with creating and delivering a better solution for instrument management, improving turnaround times, integrating technology, and assuring superior quality.

Working closely with its clients, Ternio began to see unrecognized opportunities for greater efficiency and improved outcomes within the operating room and sterile processing. This led to the development of a portfolio of proactive and data-driven solutions focused on surgical asset management, identification, restoration, and procurement.

Responding to customer needs, Ternio created PrefConnect, a cloud-based surgery preference card management tool designed to optimize product utilization resulting from outmoded, inefficient manual preference card systems. From there they added InstruSource, an e-commerce platform that simplifies instrument procurement, repair tracking, and monetization of unused surgical assets. This was followed by ProCycle, a time and money-saving service that analyzes reusable surgical instrument inventory to identify, restore, and reallocate assets for maximum efficiency. By integrating PrefConnect, InstruSource, ProCycle, and Ternio Surgical Restoration, hospitals are not only able to optimize surgical data, track assets and ensure they have a full complement of the resources they need, but they are also able monetize surplus assets and stay on top of equipment repair.

Since its founding, Ternio has added a 6,500 square foot surgical asset management lab in its home state of Texas and has recently acquired Progressive Medical Instrumentation (PMI), a 29-year-old repair lab specializing in rebuilding laparoscopic devices, enhancing its multi-million-dollar asset management portfolio. Throughout their expansion in the ever-advancing medical field, they have remained committed to quality and doing the right thing.

Ternio’s experience and innovation enable hospitals to lower expenses, streamline logistics, and improve the quality of patient care.

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