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Manual management of surgeon preference card data can lead to increased costs and inaccuracies.

PrefConnect is a cloud-based preference card management tool that analyzes data to cut wasteful spending, streamline inventory spends, and optimize product utilization. PrefConnect offers an easy-to-use workflow that interlaces with your hospital’s ORIS and MMIS data to continually optimize surgeon preference cards.

Surgical Data Management

Automation and Customization

PrefConnect is a secure platform that runs routine data feeds to allow hospitals to get an item-level view organized by procedure type and surgeon. PrefConnect also identifies opportunities for adjustments based on utilization trends. This gives you the ability to lower costs, anticipate needs, and more accurately order inventory.

PrefConnect Advantages

  • Maximize card accuracy
  • Reduce inventory spending
  • Improve contract compliance
  • Decrease waste
  • Identify missing charges
  • Reduce labor costs

Surgical Instrument Repair

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Hospitals that utilize PrefConnect are able to accurately streamline their workflow so they can free up time and capital to focus on patients. Contact our team today to learn more about how PrefConnect can transform surgeon preference card management for your facility.

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