Vice President of Business Development

Ternio Newsroom Staff | April 2022



“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

— Stephen Covey

As a candidate for Ternio’s new role of Vice President of Business Development, Dave Crosswhite ticks all the boxes.

  • Experience?
    • Dave has more than 25 years in healthcare technology sales, leadership, and consulting with Medline, the nation’s 6th largest medical technology company.
  • Expertise?
    • Dave has a sterling reputation for expertise in the perioperative space, including unique insights into supply distribution and logistics.
  • Track record of success?
    • In recognition of his accomplishments, insights, and innovative solutions, Dave served in five different roles of increasing responsibility with Medline, most recently serving as their Market Director, Perioperative Solutions.

Beyond the obvious prerequisites for the job, what makes Dave an ideal fit for Ternio – and especially for this important new role in our growing organization – is that he is a relationship person. Building strong relationships requires one to be a good listener. Dave’s version of the famous Stephen Covey quote is “Don’t listen to answer, listen to understand”, because you can’t help to solve a problem if you do not understand the problem. Or, to put it in healthcare terms, a proper treatment requires a proper diagnosis.

Dave Crosswhite is a problem-solver. Maybe it’s something that comes naturally to him. Maybe it’s something that developed in the early years of his career as a travel director. Making sure everyone in a large tour group has a great time in a far-off destination around the world demands quick-thinking, excellent problem-solving skills, and a can-do, positive attitude, 24/7/365. In our experience with Dave, requests, ideas, and suggestions have never been met with “no”, but with “how”? How can we work together to make that happen? What would that look like? How do can I help get us from “here” to “there”? How could we make that better?

Ternio prides itself on strong client relationships that are built on a foundation of knowledge, expertise, credibility, and trust. We could not have chosen a better person to add to our leadership team to carry on those values as we take the next steps in our evolution and innovation in healthcare technology.  Please join us in welcoming Dave Crosswhite to the Leadership team at Ternio Group LLC.

As the Vice President of Business Development, Dave will work with Executive and Clinical Leadership introducing and developing solutions that will reduce waste and increase revenue for our healthcare partners.